The Ugly Truth


ed note–a very telling and instructive essay on the pathological narcissism of Judaism and the mental illness Jtosis that it produces.

Before we get into it, a little joke for everyone to set the stage–

A Jewish man is rejected for a job as a radio announcer, and when one of his friends asks him why he was passed over, his answer is–

‘S-s-s-simple, it-t-t-t-t  w-w-w-w-was anti-S-S-S-S-Semitism.’

Despite what they claim, Jews are the most anti-intellectual people in history. A true intellectual loves the truth for the sake of the truth and is unafraid to ask difficult questions, hear difficult answers, and arrive at difficult conclusions.

Jews however–when it comes to them, their history, and their identity, patently refuse to engage in any of this. They chronically kvetch about being the world’s most ‘persecuted’ people, but when asked WHY they are so persecuted, always give the same answer–


It could…

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