Nordic Anti Semite

This list was written by a good friend of mine the other night. Did you know these 10 facts about Jews?

Top 10 facts that you didn’t know about Jews:

1#. Jews believe Christians and Gentiles are evil vile worthless forms of life, and that Jesus, being their leader, should be punished in hell for eternity by being boiled in alive in hot human excrement forever.

#2. The Talmud, the Jewish bible, teaches that all non-Jews are worthless objects, and that it is mandatory and a privilege for a Jew to commit usury upon a non-Jew, failure to do so results in a Jew losing their Jewish honour.


#3. Jews control every aspect of American government policy; they outnumber non-Jews by at least 10 to 1 in white-house as well as all other major American governmental agencies and control every aspect of American foreign and governmental policy.

#4. The…

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