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What does ‘THE Holocaust mean?

For those who unthinkingly assert “The Holocaust happened” without any question -what does that actually mean? Do they even know what they’re saying?
Let’s explore this dogmatic perception for a moment.

What does “Holocaust” mean?
Holos Kaustos (fm Greek)
Whole Burned

DehousingDid Jews burn whole? No, but most certainly millions of civilian Germans and other Europeans did, by the All-lies barbarous carpet bombing of civilians, but they’re not allowed to claim this applicable “TRADE-marked” title.

armenian-genocide-02-jpgDoes it refer to its first official use last century known as the ‘Armenian Holocaust’ – the slaughter of 1.5 million Christian Armenians by the Young Turks? Who was this group known as the ‘Young Turks’?
Were they even Turks?
The answer to this can be found through Jewish Bolshevism/Communism & their NKVD.

20th-century-hoax-holocaust-gas-chamberDoes “THE Holocaust” mean 6 million jews were purportedly gassed by Germans, who didn’t…

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